Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and child fostering is a specialised form of care within the fostering landscape. It involves providing a safe and supportive environment for both a parent and their child, often a mother and baby, to learn essential parenting skills and bond while receiving guidance and support from experienced foster carers.

This nurturing setting empowers parents to develop the skills they need to provide a stable and loving home for their child, preventing family breakdowns and enhancing the child's overall well-being.

What’s involved?

Parent and child fostering focuses on equipping parents with crucial life skills, including child care, communication, and independent living skills. As a foster carer, your role will be to offer a secure space for the parent to practise parenting under supervision while receiving guidance and mentoring.

Footprints Foster Care - Parent and Child Fostering

Before being placed, both the parent and the child undergo thorough assessments to determine their needs, strengths, and challenges. This assessment helps in understanding the level of support required. They are then matched with foster carers based on compatibility, skills, and the specific needs of the family.

You’ll work closely with the parent to teach essential parenting skills, such as feeding, setting routines, and understanding a child's developmental needs. The ultimate goal of parent and child fostering is to empower the parent to become an independent caregiver.

As progress is made, plans are developed to transition the parent and child back into the community, equipped with the skills they need for successful parenting.

Is parent and child fostering right for you?

Parent and child fostering not only transforms the lives of the parent and their child, but also contributes to the well-being of the broader community by preventing family breakdowns.

By providing a platform for learning and growth, parent and child fostering ensures that families have the tools they need to overcome challenges, strengthen bonds, and build a positive foundation for the future.

If you feel able to provide a nurturing, non-judgmental environment that supports a parent's growth, can offer practical guidance on parenting skills, emotional support, and life skills, and have the patience to help a parent build their confidence and skills over time, then parent and child fostering may be for you.

Footprints will support you every step of the way with personalised 24/7 support, excellent financial rewards and an unparalleled knowledge of local resources and services. Contact us to find out more.

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