What is Fostering?

Footprints Foster Care - What is fostering

Fostering is caring for children or young people in your own home while their own parents are unable to look after them. Local authorities have a responsibility to look after children in their area who are in need and see fostering as a good way of meeting children’s needs.

What we offer

Footprints Foster Care - What we offer

We are proud to offer a support service that is personal to you. You will be supported by well qualified, experienced social workers who know you and your family circumstances well. We know fostering can be hard and we feel that it is vital to get the support right.

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About Us

We are a small privately owned independent foster care agency offering a high quality, personalised service to local children.

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The Power of Pebbling

Footprints Foster Care - The Power of Pebbling

If you’ve got a teenager in your life, pebbling might just be the way they let you in to theirs, so, are you ready to discover the power of the pebble?


Key Takeaways from our Parent and Child Fostering Mini-Series

Footprints Foster Care - Key Takeaways from our Parent and Child Fostering Mini-Series

Our latest article series has touched on the key facts of Parent and Child Foster Care and aimed to provide our readers with all the information needed to make an informed choice on Parent and Child Fostering as a life step.


How does your garden grow?

Footprints Foster Care - How does your garden grow?

You don’t need an RHS budget to help your foster children to reap the benefits of gardening. Big space, small space, or even a window box – grab your wellies and watch your children grow along with the plants.

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