Fostering Siblings

Fostering siblings is a pivotal practice within the UK's fostering community, and aims to preserve the bond shared by brothers and sisters during the challenges of a disrupted family environment.

Foster carers providing this specialised form of fostering offer the chance for vulnerable children to stay together - within a nurturing and stable family setting - while preserving their emotional connections and mutual support.

What’s involved?

Footprints Foster Care - Fostering siblings

Sibling foster carers need the emotional capacity to care for multiple children and, on a more practical level, the bedroom space to offer sibling groups a home to live in.

Sometimes siblings can share a bedroom, but often they will require their own room. It will depend on the children's situation, their age, and gender.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that a sibling group is split up because there aren’t enough foster carers that have the available room to take siblings.

The qualities and the remit for fostering siblings are the same as short-term fostering or, if the plan for the children is not to return home, the children may have an adoption plan, and remain with the foster carer under a long-term/permanent arrangement.

Is fostering siblings right for you?

Fostering siblings offers the chance to create a nurturing environment where family connections flourish. If you possess the resources, dedication, and willingness to support the growth and well-being of multiple children, it can be a rewarding journey that positively impacts their lives and your own.

If you feel you can provide emotional and practical support to siblings simultaneously, have adequate space in your home and the time to meet the unique needs of each child, while maintaining their sibling bond, then sibling fostering may be a good fit for you.

Footprints will support you every step of the way with personalised 24/7 support, excellent financial rewards and an unparalleled knowledge of local resources and services. Contact us to find out more.

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