Long Term Fostering

Long-term fostering means giving children and young people who will not be returning to their birth families a safe, secure, caring, and loving home they can call their own to thrive in. It’s also called permanent fostering.

As a long-term foster carer, you’ll be empowering the young person to reach their full potential and help them gain the confidence to move into young adulthood which is seen as 18 years old.

Then the young person may - with agreement - stay with their foster carers under what is termed as ‘staying Put’ or they may move on to semi-independent living.

What’s the difference between long-term fostering and adoption?

Long-term fostering and adoption are both crucial pathways to providing stable homes for children in need, but they differ in terms of legal arrangements and permanency.

Footprints Foster Care - Long term fostering

Long-term fostering involves caring for a child for an extended period, often until adulthood, while maintaining their legal ties to their birth family. The goal is to create a sense of belonging and stability without severing these family connections.

Adoption is a legally binding process that permanently transfers parental rights from the birth family to the adoptive parents. It offers an irrevocable commitment, making the child a permanent member of the adoptive family.

While both options offer love and support, adoption signifies a complete legal and emotional integration into a new family, whereas long-term fostering focuses on stability within existing relationships.

Is long-term fostering right for you?

Long-term fostering can bring great rewards, nurturing lasting relationships and providing stability that shapes a child's future. The journey of a foster-carer is rich with personal growth, creating a meaningful impact that resonates for years to come.

If you feel you can provide support, stability and care to a child until adulthood, even if challenges arise, are able to adapt to their changing needs as they grow and develop, and are open to establishing a lasting connection with a child (potentially maintaining ties with their birth family), then long-term fostering may be right for you.

Footprints will support you every step of the way with personalised 24/7 support, excellent financial rewards and an unparalleled knowledge of local resources and services. Contact us to find out more.

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