Parent and Child Fostering

Posted 27 February 2024

Footprints Foster Care - Parent and Child Fostering

With people remaining at the centre of our organisation, over the coming weeks we will be sharing with a series of articles focusing on Parent and Child Fostering.

Looking into what it means to be a carer and how it differs from traditional foster care, we will talk about how you can support both parent and child, the facts and what the rewards are hearing from our very own carers.

As the name may suggest, parent and child fostering does not cater only for the children, but also a parent. It is a unique style of fostering that many don’t consider, where parent and child foster placements involve fostering of a parent and their child.

This is normally a mother and their baby. They will come and stay at your home while you provide them with your knowledge and support to enable them to look after the child themselves, integrate into the community and return to their own home with the child.

The parent and child will as a rule, be with you for 12 weeks, often suiting foster carers as it is for a specific time.

Of course, there is still an approval process to go through which will take typically 4-6 months, but this gives plenty of time to begin connecting with other carers at Footprints and prepare yourself for some training on the journey to come.

As with regular fostering, carers still receive the same support and extensive training to ensure the highest level of confidence when caring for the parent and their child.

If you would like to learn more, stay tuned to our upcoming article series or if you can’t wait, why not get in touch?

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