New Year's Hesitations?

Posted 9 January 2024

Footprints Foster Care - New Year's Hesitations?

Happy 2024 Footprints Friends! Whatever your Christmas looked like, we hope you were able to enjoy it and have equally managed to squeeze out of your pyjamas and get back into routine this month.

Yes, like it or not, it’s January already – which brings us nicely back to the New Year.

So, did you set yourself any targets for the next 12 months, or were you put off by tales of failed attempts? Has your 2024 so far been a story of resolution or hesitation?

According to survey group YouGov, only 16% of Britons were planning on making resolutions this year. Topping the list of most popular goals were doing more exercise, saving more money, losing weight and improving diet. Coming in next were spending less time on social media (not right now though please!), career improvement, spending more time with family and learning a new hobby. Anything sound familiar?

With all these positive ideas available, it seems surprising that more of us aren’t taking the resolution route, but of course there’s always the failure factor. Those rosy challenges we set with festive cheer can soon become less appealing in the long, cold month of January – but why? Sometimes they’re just not us, other times we’re too forgetful or lazy. Mostly though, we take on too much at once.

We’ve written previously about the value of breaking things down and setting smart goals. They really help resolutions to be a benefit and not a burden.

Armed with a bit of smartness and determination, the New Year remains a brilliant time to set ourselves a challenge to improve not only our lives, but those of any children we care for as well. That’s right – you can start a ripple effect with one just resolution. If you’re feeling inspired, we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you (and your family) started.

If you fancy getting fitter this year, physical activity is brilliant for our bodies and our brains. It can be a great opportunity to unwind, meet new friends or bond with foster children. If you’re short on time, Cancer Research UK are running a January HIIT Challenge that can be done whenever you like. Getting in shape, helping a good cause and modelling healthy behaviour? Yes please!

If working out doesn’t float your boat, then how about working on your organisation? It may not sound exciting, but did you know that being organised is super self-care. Committing to having a place for everything can really take the pressure off, as can setting aside special time to keep all those placement records up to date. Less stress and better family time? Win-win.

Finally, how about learning a new skill this year? Whether it’s a new language online in your own time with Babbel, getting out to a local group or simply watching YouTube tutorials – do something you enjoy. Self-improvement is amazing for esteem, mental wellness and de-stressing. Plus, it’s catching. Foster children can watch you smiling, persevering and loving learning. You could get involved with something they like or even learn a skill together. How about discovering new recipes together or starting a foster family TikTok?

Whatever you decide to do in 2024, we hope you have a great year and feel the benefit of going for it. We’ll be here all the time with you, so please contact us if you need anything. Down with hesitation, viva la resolution!

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