Spring Forward

Posted 11 April 2023

Footprints Foster Care - Spring Forward

Guaranteed, losing an hour’s sleep isn’t the most fun way to welcome in British Summer Time, but in the grand scheme of things it’s a small price to pay. BST telegraphs the arrival of longer, lighter days and those happy feelings associated with the glorious season of spring. Those BST joys aren’t just for adults either. The weather may still be changeable, but the benefits of getting outside for children right now are big. So, grab your finest play shoes and spring forward with us. Coat or no coat.

What’s so special about outdoor play in spring, we hear you wonder? OK, we know, it’s always important. It’s simply the fact that spring is the perfect time to go al fresco and create both good habits and great memories. For a start, there’s all that vital vitamin D just waiting for everyone. Even a British spring can provide us with all the sunshine vitamin we need to help keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Foster children who have experienced neglect particularly may have a vitamin D deficiency due to poor diet or lack of opportunity to get outside. Some studies show it can improve memory and reduce depression too. What’s not to love?

Speaking of health, running around, climbing, jumping, cycling and skateboarding are all great ways for children to exercise without even realising. Essential for a healthy life, regular exercise helps them keep their heart, bones, muscles and brains in tip top condition and gives them the best chance of carrying their healthy habits into adulthood. The spring sunshine makes all this exercise so much more appealing, even to the hardiest of couch potatoes.

Outdoor play also helps children increase in confidence, develop self-awareness and learn to take calculated risks. All super skills that foster children may not have had the chance to learn. In spring there is so much to discover outdoors in nature, whether in the countryside, town park or back garden, the chances are there will be lots to see and do. Children learn with their senses and spring provides plenty for all five. Developing an awareness of the world around them will help with confidence and feeling valued themselves. Experimenting with games, bike wheelies and mud-pie making can help them learn to take calculated risks.

For children with conditions like ADHD, outdoor play is the perfect outlet for releasing energy that might otherwise cause issues indoors. For some children too, being in a big, open space can make them feel more able to open-up to carers.

Finally, there’s the benefit of a better night’s sleep after time outside in the fresh air. Good quality sleep is essential for children’s physical and neurological development. It can help them to grow, concentrate, be calmer and have better mental health. It also helps their carers get some essential rest too!

From tinies to teens, there really are so many good reasons for children to get outdoors and play this spring. If you want to chat further about helping children play, or talk anything fostering at all really, please contact us. Until then, we’re springing off to the park. Maybe a coffee before the climbing frame?

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